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February 26, 2016


For time-strapped and security weary business people and other discerning travellers, traditional air carriers can prove to be unsatisfactory. This is why more individuals are utilising the benefits of VIP charter flights, which offer the client flexibility to meet their schedules and a totally safe environment to fly in.


The smallest offerings are light 4 seater type turbo prop aircraft extending to jumbo jet sized business jets.


How it works:

A charter company works exactly like any other airline.  The company issues tickets, does the standard safety briefings, plots routes, arranges the necessary clearances for each destination and complies with all Civil Aviation Authority statutory requirements.  Elite Jet and other charter companies are regulated and inspected and have to adhere to stringent biannual and adhoc inspections throughout the year. 


95% of all travellers who have used charter flights will use them it again. Confidentiality is rated very highly by staff and management who will never divulge who is traveling on these scheduled charters.  Once on board catering as to be expected, includes the likes of caviar and exclusive champagne. The client’s needs are the utmost priority.  The client’s needs and wants dictate, which may mean VIP road transfers or security/close protection details will need to be arranged, depending on the circumstances and destination.


Advice when booking a charter:

Always allow for enough time, especially across borders as the necessary clearances need to be obtained.


Provide enough detail when requesting a cost estimate so that the correct size and type of aircraft, which could be a turbo prop or jet engine configuration can be quoted on.  Elite Jet prides itself on ensuring clients are provided with all the necessary detail to ensure they are booking the aircraft to meet their exact needs. Offerings in some instances also include basic toilet facilities to full shower and bathrooms and state of the art amenities.  Business jets offer boardroom facilities including Wi-Fi and Sat communications as well as stately double bed sleeping quarters.


Jet Sail Explore in conjunction with Elite Jet, will assist you with any of your Charter Flight requirements.



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