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October 4, 2016

A destination that has long fascinated and drawn tourists to explore and engage, Thailand offers unusual and fun off-the-beaten-path options for the adventures.


Make Notes Before You Go :


*If you’re travelling in the cooler months, don’t be a wuss. Get a room without aircon and cut your costs in half.


*Know the culture and don’t buy ‘Buddha heads’. Physical representations of Buddha are sacrilege in the Buddhist culture and offensive to followers of Buddhism.


*The Emerald Cave near Koh Mook is a must! Tunnels of glowing water end up in a tiny cove which is surrounded by magnificent cliffs. Catch a bot from Koh Mook and Pak Meng Pier on Trang mainland.


*Need a gorgeous traditional scarf? Of course you do! Visit Na Muen Sri Weaving Factory in Trang.


*Visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthrep, the most famous temple in Chiang Mai. Get up early to beat the crowds.


*You can rent an inexpensive bamboo bungalow on Charlie Beach Resort. Beats a hotel chain.


*Party of four? Check out Baan Hanibah, an old Lanna-style guest house in Chiang Mai.


*Stained-glass windows and gorgeous Thai doors await you at the spotlessly clean Saithong Guesthouse.


*When you just can’t help yourself and need to get your karaoke on, head to The Boxx in Trang. Thai-fusion snacks, corny songs and good drinks. Perfect, right?


*Free wi-fi and great java can be found at Into The Woods, a woodlands-style café in Chang Mai.

*Head out for an outstanding and affordable Thai meal at Chiang Dao Nest 2.


Note :  Thailand is very welcoming of the LGBT community but, as with all travel, it is best to be cautious and to check with your travel agent prior to choosing a destination. 


Happy Travels!



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