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August 3, 2017



Is it just me ... or are airports really becoming more hectic? Many times, it seems to be the most challenging - if not nerve wrecking - part of a vacation! Don't stop travelling but do try some of these suggestions to help eliminate some of the irritation :


 1. Sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

Being able to sail through security at over 130 US airports is such a perk!  I especially love the Global Entry kiosks in US Immigration that can literally save you an hour of wait time. Those passport control lines are ridic!! 


2. Airline Apps 

Check the airline app or on the airline website before leaving home to make sure you're aware of the flight status.  And don't forget to put your airline's the toll-free number into your phone - along with your travel agents number. You are clever enough to have had a travel agent book your trip - right? 


3. Check-In Online 

Check-In online or on the airline app and then, once you've checked your luggage in at the counter you can proceed to the security line. If you have no baggage then simply proceed to the security line. No stress. No hassle.


4. Security Screenings

The security staff may never smile but do everything to can to make the screening hassle free by removing your laptop and placing it in the bin - together with your shoes and any toiletry items that need to be checked. And keep smiling.  


5. Your Vacation Begins

 Your vacation officially begins once you're through security and have collected all your items from the bins. Check for a Starbucks location - and then check the departure monitors to make sure you're going to the correct gate -  and then relax. You're on your way!



Go! Have a wonderful time on vacation. 

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