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March 1, 2019



If you have plans coming up that include travel with your beloved pooch, consider the following information which was provided by Centrav.



Get your pet’s vaccines up-to-date


Before you travel, schedule a wellness visit for your pet, and make sure they have a clean bill of health, are fit to fly, and have all the vaccines required by the carrier. Your airline may require documentation demonstrating proof of immunizations and vet’s approval.


Fly with an IATA-approved carrier


Your everyday pet carrier may not be compliant with IATA regulations, which include specific requirements for ventilation, size, stability, access to food and water and absorbent lining. You should always check with your airline to see if they impose additional crate regulations, keeping in mind that international flights will have stricter rules than domestic flights. Let your pet get acclimated and comfortable with the carrier several weeks before you depart.


Book a nonstop flight


If you choose to bring a pet on the plane, their safety, health, and comfort should be your top priority. The longer the trip, the more taxing it will be on your furry friend. It’s best to opt for the shortest flight possible, avoiding stops and transfers altogether. Even for a short, simple itinerary, traveling with pets is a challenge, but an airport transfer can get really complicated if there is any sudden change in plans.


Get a Pet Tracker


Don’t leave home without a pet tracker! If your dog gets lost in an unfamiliar place, he probably won’t know where to start looking for you. A little device like one of these can help you locate your pet if lost and give you peace of mind as you travel.


Make sure your accommodations are pet-friendly


As you plan your vacation, be sure to let your travel agent know that you need a hotel that is pet friendly. . A great resource for this is a website called Bring Fido, which allows you to search hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, hiking trails, and other activities that allow pets. 


Know your Airline’s policy


Rules for traveling with pets differ greatly depending on the airline and destination. Many have restrictions on the breeds you may bring on board. Check out your airline’s pet policy long before you book your trip. Some airlines have a maximum limit for pets on board, so you will also want to register your pet to fly at the same time you book your tickets to ensure there is enough space.



Safe travels with your pooch ~




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